LeBron James Has Combined Kale And Cake … And Made Children Frown

Many years ago, somebody accidentally dipped a chocolate bar in peanut butter and a sweet sensation was born. Ever since, dessert enthusiasts have been trying to discover the next great combination, whether it be on purpose or by accident. I don’t think cake and kale is the next great combination, but since it has been […]

Is Diet Coke The Fountain Of Youth? Jaromir Jagr Thinks So

Jaromir Jagr is a marvel. The sure fire NHL Hall of Famer just scored career goal number 731, tying him with Marcel Dionne on the all time goal scoring list. He’s 43 years old and is showing no signs of dipping below the level of the best 600 hockey players in the world. So naturally, […]

Should You Have A Large Juicy Burger In A Wedding Dress?

The answer, as always, is yes. But if you do decide to enjoy meaty goodness in a wedding dress, as this young Minnesota Wild fan has done, always make sure you hold that bite over your cardboard container. Or bring a plastic bib. Because if you’re thinking about resale, or passing that dress down to […]

Clemson vs. South Carolina Is Now The Waffle House Game

It has been a tough season for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Steve Spurrier retired in the middle of the season, the team is languishing at 3-7, and what makes it more painful is that at this moment, the number one team in the country is their hated rival: the Clemson Tigers. 2015 doesn’t look like […]

Marshawn Lynch Gives McDonald’s Worker $500 For Shoes

Since we could all use a little positive news right now, I give you Marshawn Lynch … vilified in some circles as a rabble rouser because of his complicated relationship with the media. But the Seahawks RB knows how to brighten a young man’s day. In return for a simple compliment, Lynch gave $500 to […]

Kelly Olynyk vs. Burrito … Who Ya Got?

There’s a certain joy in eating. Savoring every bite. Enjoying the subtle flavors of a dish. Letting each taste hang on your tongue until the very last moment. This is why what Kelly Olynyk tried to do on a team flight offends me. In the tradition of the cinnamon challenge, the Peeps challenge, and the […]

Tom Brady Is Guilty, According To 7-Eleven

Tom Brady went through the appeals process for deflate-gate, and was exonerated of his crimes of being “generally aware” of lower PSI levels in footballs. But that means nothing to a 7-Eleven in Aurora, CO. They make their feelings clear on their receipts: I guess Brady isn’t getting free loaded Doritos in Aurora anytime soon. […]

How Do You Honor Brett Favre? With Beer, Of Course

Have you ever had trouble deciding on what beer to drink? Well lucky for you, Brett Favre is here to make your decision harder. Because why should he be the only one who has trouble making decisions? Badger State Brewery is producing a special Brett Favre tribute beer for sale this month in Wisconsin called “4ward […]

Why Is Jerry Rice In A Cowboys Uniform???

For an ad for McDonald’s, that’s why. It’s McDonald’s “Game Time Gold” promotion, where you peel off game pieces, some of which have NFL helmets. I guess if you get one of these then you forfeit all of your loyalties and history to attempt to win a free Shamrock Shake or something. For all you […]

Lorenzo Cain Has Won You Free Breakfast At Taco Bell

Last night’s Game 1 of the 2015 World Series had it all. A leadoff inside the park home run, a television power outage, a game tying ninth inning home run, and a walk off victory in the fourteenth inning. Lost in all that was a stolen base in the sixth inning by Lorenzo Cain: Your […]

Jose Bautista’s Bat Flip: Legendary Enough To Sell Ice Cream

Jose Bautista’s home run in Game 5 of the ALDS yesterday will go down in baseball lore … in large part for the timing and the importance. But also just as much for the bat flip of all bat flips. Of all things, an ice cream shop in Canada has immortalized the bat flip into chalk […]

The Royals Win! And Kansas City Wins More Barbecue!

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for advancing to the American League Championship Series with a 7-2 victory over the Houston Astros in a deciding Game 5 of the ALDS. What it all means is that Nick Beffer, general manager of Jack Stack Barbecue in K.C., won himself some barbecue from Houston. Nick Beffer runs a […]

This Rugby Themed Pizza Will Make You Blush

Morrison’s is a food chain in Great Britian. All they wanted to do was celebrate the great sport of rugby by selling a rugby themed pizza. Now look, we know that the rugby ball is more of an oblong shape with more rounded tips at the edges. But when Morrison’s arranged the pepperoni on the […]

Watch Matt Harvey With The Biggest Ice Cream Helmet Ever

Well no wonder Matt Harvey missed a mandatory workout yesterday … he must have been busy trying to finish this big helmet full of ice cream: A better touch to this commercial would have been to pan to the opposite corner of the commissary at the end … to a weeping Bartolo Colon who is […]