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LeBron James Has Combined Kale And Cake … And Made Children Frown

Many years ago, somebody accidentally dipped a chocolate bar in peanut butter and a sweet sensation was born. Ever since, dessert enthusiasts have been trying to discover the next great combination, whether it be on purpose or by accident.

I don’t think cake and kale is the next great combination, but since it has been immortalized in social media by LeBron James, maybe it’ll catch on mainstream.

Showed these guys my secret post-training cake recipe. Secret ingredient: kale. #BringYourGame #StriveForGreatness

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The best part of this: The two kids with the huge gas faces on as if to say “Really, LeBron? You had to go ruin cake?” Sure, 31-year-old best athletes in the world at their sport can go and ruin cake and be all health conscious, what with all the other things they have to look forward to in life. But what of the children who don’t go to the NBA Finals every year, huh LeBron? Think of the children. Look at their faces, LeBron. Stop ruining cake.

And please don’t make this your new Sprite flavor.

(Picture of LeBron James looking like somebody put kale in his cake courtesy of Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

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