The Texas Rangers Are Stepping Up Their Playoff Food Game

Leave it to the Texas Rangers … the innovators of food items such as the “Choomongous” and the “Boomstick”, to celebrate their playoff berth with a whole new menu of food for the playoffs, to be served at Globe Life Park. And this postseason parcel isn’t any less spectacular. Check out this lineup of the […]

Bret Bielema Gets A Special Pizza

It’s been a tough year for Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema. After ragging on Ohio State’s strength of schedule compared to his beloved SEC, Bielema led his team to a 16-12 loss … to Toledo. Then he ran his mouth after getting smoked by Texas Tech and looked like a fool. Going into his matchup with […]

Caron Butler Is Ruled By Mountain Dew

Caron Butler has an autobiography that he’s promoting called “Tuff Juice”. Seems like a great read which features a story about how a police officer made a choice not to convict him for drug distribution when he easily could have. And Butler also discusses addiction in the book … His addiction to Mountain Dew. During […]

The Islanders Left The Media Hungry At Barclays Center

The New York Islanders are starting a brand new relationship with their new home: The Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The relationship has gotten off to a bit of a strange start as for the second preseason game against the Devils, there was no food in the press room for the working media. It stems from […]

Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon Work The Tim Horton’s Drive Thru

Tim Horton’s, the Canadian doughnut institution, unveiled a new ad campaign with Penguins star Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. The two players decide to try their hand at working the drive thru at a Tim Horton’s establishment. There are a whole series of them that you can find here, but I’ll […]

Jonathan Schoop Ruins Dinner For Rays Fans

Down the right field line is an odd place for a buffet. But hey, Tropicana Field is an odd ballpark. Hence you have opportunity for odd things to happen on batted balls. Jonathan Schoop took that opportunity and ruined dinner for the poor Tampa Bay Rays fans in the immediate area, who did nothing to […]

Paul Byrd Lets Dogs Eat Off His Head

Braves analyst and former Major League pitcher Paul Byrd had some good and not so clean fun on Sunday during the Braves’ game against the Phillies, as it was Bark in the Park Day. You know it as the day that fans can bring their pooches into the ballpark to enjoy baseball with them. Byrd […]

The Jets Unveil The $50 Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel

It’s important to know where to get the best drunk food late at night. White Castle is the best form of drunken/hangover food at three in the morning. Taco Bell is a close second. But what if you start your day getting hammered? Well, that subset is rather small. Who would start getting drunk at […]

The Astros Secret Is Revealed: Gummy Bears!

The Houston Astros were not supposed to be this good this fast. Between 2011-2013, they won 162 games … total! They’ve undergone a makeover that has them at 76-64 this season which is two and a half games better than the Texas Rangers. Now, it would be prudent to credit the progression of superstar Jose Altuve, […]

Marcus Mariota Talks To His Heisman Trophy For Subway

Marcus Mariota’s relationship with Subway continues to create some disturbing imagery. First, it was Mariota’s nightmare causing likeness created solely of cured meats and lettuce. Now, Mariota is starring in a series of commercials which might have been inspired by an actual nightmare: His Heisman Trophy is talking to him. Seriously, if you could win […]

You Don’t Know Hot Sauce Until You’ve Had Hot Sauce By Rob Gronkowski

When you think of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, breakfast cereal doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Even if you were asked to associate him with a food. Cereal doesn’t really scream “Gronk”. Wouldn’t seem to be his style. And yet, Gronkowski has had his own brand of cereal out for three years, which was surprising when […]

Preseason Birthday Cake Fumbled

Not much went right for the Giants in their 28-18 loss to the Jets during Saturday night’s preseason tilt. That extended to the broadcast booth, as Giants television play by play man Bob Papa tried to present his partner … former Giants linebacker Carl Banks … with a birthday cake. It all went wrong: My […]

Bryce Petty Needs To Learn Pizza While In New York

Bryce Petty, like most NFL rookies, will learn a lot of valuable lessons while in the National Football League. Petty has the added bonus of learning while playing in New York, where there are plenty of opportunities to learn lessons in life beyond football. Petty recently learned two huge lessons: The power of social media, […]

Rethinking Bud Light NFL Cans

If you missed it over the weekend, Bud Light released brand new NFL themed cans for the 2015 season. Cans are made for 28 of the 32 NFL teams (Dallas, Minnesota, Green Bay, and Chicago do not have deals with Bud Light) and each have a specialized slogan: For Miami Dolphins fans, the meaning is […]

Michael Jordan Wins Lawsuit Over Steak Company

Here’s one thing we all learned from Michael Jordan’s playing career: You don’t beat him at home when the money is on the line. The same is now true in the courtroom, where there was over 8 million dollars on the line in Chicago Federal Court … Chicago … Federal Court. Jordan sued Safeway, who […]