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Kelly Olynyk vs. Burrito … Who Ya Got?

There’s a certain joy in eating. Savoring every bite. Enjoying the subtle flavors of a dish. Letting each taste hang on your tongue until the very last moment. This is why what Kelly Olynyk tried to do on a team flight offends me. In the tradition of the cinnamon challenge, the Peeps challenge, and the fluffy bunny (google it), Olynyk tried to eat a burrito in four bites.

It’s as disgusting as you might imagine. (Careful: language edgier than “poop and darn”):


This is akin to a Survivor immunity challenge, when contestants eat fried bugs, boiled squid, and pigs brains. Eating those as quickly as possible is one thing. Eating a burrito like that is just wrong. Burritos are meant to be savored. Not destroyed.

So did the burrito get the best of Olynyk? You tell me:


All in the two games following his food misadventures. Curse of Burrito.

Pic of Olynyk by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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