CLEMSON, SC – NOVEMBER 24: Sammy Watkins #2 of the Clemson Tigers talks to Victor Hampton #27 of the South Carolina Gamecocks after a play during their game at Memorial Stadium on November 24, 2012 in Clemson, South Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Clemson vs. South Carolina Is Now The Waffle House Game

It has been a tough season for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Steve Spurrier retired in the middle of the season, the team is languishing at 3-7, and what makes it more painful is that at this moment, the number one team in the country is their hated rival: the Clemson Tigers. 2015 doesn’t look like it’s going to go down in the annals for them.

But on November 28, USC has a chance to have fans and alum alike consider 2015 a success on a huge level, as they will have a chance to defeat Clemson, knock them from not only their number one ranking but from the playoff bracket all together. And not only that, they have a chance to win free waffles, hash browns and coffee as the world famous Waffle House is offering up free waffles in one restaurant from the winning city after the game. The chain will also donate $10K to the general scholarship fund of the winning school.

The question is this: with the two schools so close together (the first two “waffle games” featured teams fairly far away from each other), would fans of the losing school take advantage of the short drive and get free waffles that are being given out in celebration of a hated rival? The sports fan in me would say “no way”. But Waffle House isn’t just a waffle house. It’s a southern institution. And when you could drive an hour to get free waffles and hashbrowns, you do it, even if it means you’re technically part of a celebration for your hated rival. They’re that good.

I don’t know … I’d feel too dirty.

(Picture of game from last year … they’re actually being nice to each other, I think … courtesy of Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

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