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Lorenzo Cain Has Won You Free Breakfast At Taco Bell

Last night’s Game 1 of the 2015 World Series had it all. A leadoff inside the park home run, a television power outage, a game tying ninth inning home run, and a walk off victory in the fourteenth inning. Lost in all that was a stolen base in the sixth inning by Lorenzo Cain:

But because Cain stole that base, everyone in America has won a free AM Crunch Wrap as part of Taco Bell’s yearly World Series promotion. This time around, Taco Bell has used to promotion to remind America that yes … they serve breakfast. As instead of a taco, they are giving away the AM Crunch Wrap during breakfast hours between 7-11 AM on November 5th. Because everyone knows Taco Bell has tacos. But everyone may not know that Taco Bell has breakfast. So while people may question the risk management of the chain to offer free tacos dependent on the stolen base ability of a team that has two players in the top five in steals, I’m sure Taco Bell appreciates introducing America to their breakfast creation so that they can get them on the come back.

(Picture of the stolen base that won you free breakfast courtesy of Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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