Should You Have A Large Juicy Burger In A Wedding Dress?

The answer, as always, is yes.

But if you do decide to enjoy meaty goodness in a wedding dress, as this young Minnesota Wild fan has done, always make sure you hold that bite over your cardboard container. Or bring a plastic bib. Because if you’re thinking about resale, or passing that dress down to your daughter to wear for her special day, then the last thing you want to do is to explain away that stain that comes with the dress.

“Well we set the date for the wedding but your father had Stars/Wild tickets for the day we picked to consummate our love for each other. And he just haaaaaaaaaaad to go because nobody would take the tickets and Darcy Kuemper was starting and the seats were good so here we are after a beautiful wedding at a hockey game. And yes, I had to have a burger because the catering company your father picked was terrible and everybody was still hungry and it was the only cocktail hour in the history of cocktail hours to suck, so I had to get this burger. And when the Wild took a 3-0 lead we went nuts and the burger went all over the place. And that’s why there are spots of brown on your beautiful wedding dress, dear. And the Wild still lost.”

We’re assuming that this scenario didn’t actually happen. But that burger looks good. So enjoy that burger … brides of North America. You deserve it.

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