The Cleveland Indians are changing the hot dog game

We’re getting to that time where the major league and minor league baseball teams debut their new food items for the coming season. It’s our “bread and butter”, so to speak. The Cleveland Indians have already announced some new food items for the new season, and one hot dog in particular caught our eye: Wait […]

Jonathan Schoop Ruins Dinner For Rays Fans

Down the right field line is an odd place for a buffet. But hey, Tropicana Field is an odd ballpark. Hence you have opportunity for odd things to happen on batted balls. Jonathan Schoop took that opportunity and ruined dinner for the poor Tampa Bay Rays fans in the immediate area, who did nothing to […]

Floyd Mayweather’s Diet Is Probably Not For You And Me

Floyd Mayweather is a world class athlete, and he’ll show you that when he fights Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. As a world class athlete, he could probably eat whatever he wants and burn it off as if it was nothing. You might still be surprised to hear what his food indulgence is. We got some […]

Royals Sell Hot Dogs You Wouldn’t Feed To Your Dog

The Kansas City Royals have a concessions problem. Their food company, Aramark was cited for multiple violations during the 2014 World Series, and this past Opening Day. Now call me crazy, but taking that into consideration you would think that Aramark would put their best foot forward at the K to avoid negative publicity. Instead, […]