The Cleveland Indians are changing the hot dog game

We’re getting to that time where the major league and minor league baseball teams debut their new food items for the coming season. It’s our “bread and butter”, so to speak. The Cleveland Indians have already announced some new food items for the new season, and one hot dog in particular caught our eye:

Wait … is that, Fruit Loops? On a hot dog? A Cereal Dog?

It’s all part of the Happy Dog line of crazy Cleveland dogs, debuting at Progressive Field this season.

Section 159: Three to four hot dogs will be offered, including a vegetarian option and the breakfast dog, which includes a fried egg, bacon and Froot Loops, Happy Dog owner Sean Watterson said. He added the restaurant might let its patrons weigh in on what else could be offered in the stadium.

A-ha, it’s a breakfast dog. Now I’m a big fan of fried eggs on meat products. As they say in the sports world, it’s “trending”. And I am generally friendly towards Fruit Loops even thought I was nine years old the last time I had an actual bowl of cereal with milk. But the two together? Not to say it wouldn’t work, but was there a groundswell with people pouring Fruit Loops on their eggs and sausage and eating it like a full meal? What am I missing by waking up at noon?

I just want to understand.

(Image courtesy of Cleveland Indians)

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