Brooklyn Cyclones Serving Extravaganza of Pork

Pig Guy NYC was previously known for their “Bacon on a Stick” stands at Citi Field and MCU Park, home of the Mets Single A affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones. Well now they have branched out with their food choices … well, as much as a stand called “Pig Guy NYC” can. Because it’s still pork. Just different kinds of pork.

Their newest creation is a hot dog with pork, pork, and more pork. Sounds dirty, but I guess in the world of food it is dirty. Behold the Big Bad Wolf:

Oh man, now you have to give the kiddies nightmares and scar them for life regarding their favorite nursery rhyme? All while giving their parents heart attacks with three kinds of pork in one gulp? That’s just mean. Delicious, but mean.

Here’s what I want to see … Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut eat 62 of these things in ten minutes. MCU Park is just down the block from the site of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. Give them these things to eat. See if they’re so eager to dip these pretzel buns in water and shove these down their throats. That … I might pay to see.

Image courtesy of Pig Guy NYC Twitter

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