The San Jose Sharks have their own beer with a not so appetizing name

Would you drink chum? If you know what chum is, you’re probably puking right now. But “chum” is the name of a new craft beer that is the product of Gordon Biersch’s Brewing company, and the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. It’s a dry hopped red ale, which represents the blood from the fish parts which […]

The legend of Jaromir Jagr continues as he has his own beer

Jaromir Jagr once had a peanut butter named after him way back when he was a young’n with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Well, now that his NHL career is of legal age, Jagr can now have an alcoholic beverage named after him. And one Ontario brewing company is making it happen: Introducing Jaromir Czech Jagr, our […]

Peyton Manning introduced to craft beer

It was the feel good story in sports. Peyton Manning rides into the sunset on a wave of excellent defense and offensive guile and takes with him a Super Bowl trophy. And then he used his crowning moment to turn back into Troy McClure and sell us food and beer with the same guile that he […]

How Do You Honor Brett Favre? With Beer, Of Course

Have you ever had trouble deciding on what beer to drink? Well lucky for you, Brett Favre is here to make your decision harder. Because why should he be the only one who has trouble making decisions? Badger State Brewery is producing a special Brett Favre tribute beer for sale this month in Wisconsin called “4ward […]

Wheaties Beer: Breakfast Of People Who Just Don’t Care Anymore

Wheaties has always been “The Breakfast of Champions”. Athletes such as Tony Gwynn, Walter Payton, and perhaps most famously Bruce Jenner have adorned the box cover and represented American values such as a balanced breakfast and athletic glory. Well, American values have changed, and the brands we know and love are changing with them. With […]

Foul Balls Are Beer Seeking Missiles

The chances of foul balls or errant baseballs landing in your beer? One in some number that I made up in my head. But leave it to the good folks at Wrigley Field to beat the odds on Saturday: Your browser does not support iframes. Now the chances of this happening twice in one day? […]