Foul Balls Are Beer Seeking Missiles

The chances of foul balls or errant baseballs landing in your beer? One in some number that I made up in my head. But leave it to the good folks at Wrigley Field to beat the odds on Saturday:

Now the chances of this happening twice in one day? One in some number that I can’t count to. But those odds were beaten tonight as well in San Francisco:

How does this happen twice in a day? How did baseball become a large game of beer pong? And how do you chug a beer with a baseball in it? Ewwwww. Pine tar. Human DNA. All going down into your insides. I know some people eat, drink and sleep baseball but that’s taking the saying to a way too literal extreme. (That said, you know that some beer stand at either Wrigley Field or AT&T Park are going to sell beers with orange or grapefruit or pine tar flavored baseballs in them as some sort of promotional trick. Maybe chocolate pine tar. Or bacon flavored pine tar.)

Anybody in Toronto want to try for the hat trick?

Awwwwwww. You were so close.

(Picture of past foul ball in your beer incident by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

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