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The Dodgers are selling a $16 Chicago-style burger that just looks like a burger

If Dodgers Stadium is trying to troll visiting Chicago fans while also bilking people of their money, then it seems like a job well done.

The Chicago Cubs took on the Los Angeles Dodgers for Game 3 on Tuesday night and the stadium’s concession stand offered up a new type of burger: The Chicago Burger, which apparently comes with “Chicago-style hot dog fixins.”

Rovell tweeted that the burger cost $13 but it appears as though it actually costs $16.

An expensive meal at a baseball stadium isn’t anything to get worked up about, but when you actually look at this burger, you have to wonder…what the hell?

First of all, they clearly screwed up the Chicago-style right off the bat. Any self-respecting Chicagoan will tell you they use yellow mustard while this burger obviously uses brown mustard. You might as well serve it with a napkin that says “deep dish pizza sucks” at this point. There’s also supposed to be chopped onions in there somewhere. We don’t see it but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it’s buried under the tomato.

What’s really bothersome, however, is the proportions of the whole endeavor. Look at how tall that thing is and then look at how much meat is involved. One patty? One measly patty? That’s bad burger ratio, Dodgers. Especially for the money.

There’s so many great options for food at Dodgers Stadium, best to stick to what they do best. Not to mention they do just fine when it comes to hot dogs and sausages.

Whatever you do, don’t tell Fluky’s about this.

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