Cubs hot dog deep dish pizza

Cubs introduce ultra disgusting-looking hot dog-deep dish pizza

What in the sweet hell is this?

The Chicago Cubs unveiled a new menu item on Thursday, a Deep Dish Chicago Style Hot Dog Pizza. Yes, a deep dish pizza with sliced hot dogs in it. It looks much worse than it sounds.

Vienna Beef & Giordano’s, who teamed up to make the deep dish pizza, made a clusterfuck of a menu item. Seriously, this looks like a toddler put it together. Or to be a little more kind, something a college student would make when they don’t have any money. There’s literally nothing appealing about it. The fact the Cubs are going to ask people to pay money to try it should be a crime.

The hot dog pizza takes two things people love and Frankensteins them into a half-baked horror. I’m not a fan of MLB parks throwing together as many misfit ingredients as possible and calling it a menu item, but at least there’s complexity in the attempt. This is so uninspired and cheap looking. It’s the “leftover stadium ingredients pizza.”

Besides, when you combine “hot dogs” and “deep dish”, you get to deal with two arguments – whether or not this is a sandwich, and whether or not its pizza.

The kicker here is the pizza will cost $10, which isn’t unreasonable for a pizza at a ballpark. But, considering what you’re getting your better off to buy a slice of pizza and a hot dog and cut up the latter and stick it on as a topping. I guarantee you it would taste better.

You can get the hot dog deep dish pizza from July 15-20. It’s hopefully the last time we ever see it.

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