Kentucky Swimming Pool Accident Stats 2022

As a recreational activity, swimming sounds appealing to most adults and kids, and this creates a need for swimming pools all around the country. The deaths associated with pools have increased with the rise of swimming pool ownership. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are 3,960 unintentional drowning deaths in the United States every year. Parents and owners need to realize how important it is to keep their pools secured when there is no one around and there are children present. This, in turn, would make sure that owners of pools do not incur liability since, in Kentucky, the owner is responsible for the accident, especially if a child got injured around their premises.

Cases of Swimming Pool Accidents in Kentucky Over the Years 

From 2015 to 2017, 6,500 children were treated for swimming pool injuries in America. On July 14th, 2015, the tragic case of 12-year-old Janyia Robinson from Louisville hit the news. His father and grandfather found him in their pool, unresponsive. 

In 2021, a five-year-old from Navarre also drowned. In 2022, another five-year-old named Noah Doucette suffered the same fate after his disappearance. This has been the story for many children and adults around Kentucky.

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

We need to understand pool safety to prevent such tragedies from happening again. With the risk higher among children under the age of 14, learning the major causes of pool accidents might go a long way in saving them. 

Lack of barriers and supervision can increase children’s risk of drowning. Most drownings happen at home when the child has not been seen for a span of five minutes or more. Placing barriers around the pool can serve as a life-saving preventative measure.

Naturally, lack of life jackets for kids and adults who can’t swim can also increase the likelihood of drowning accidents. 

Consumption of alcohol around pools can be a cause for concern. With balance, coordination, and balance affected, a person has a higher risk of accidental drowning.

People with seizure disorders also have a higher chance of drowning if left unsupervised. A seizure can happen due to the heat or any other number of triggers. Also, people who use drugs and other prescribed medications can easily fall victim to pool accidents when the effects of the drugs take place.

Preventing Drowning and Other Pool Injuries

Drowning can be prevented if there is proper supervision around swimming pools and regulated hours for the premises. While supervising, adults should not be distracted by their phones or the use of substances such as alcohol.

Using the buddy system might help ensure that every individual is accounted for. Learning to swim might help inexperienced young adults avoid accidental drowning. Using a four-sided fence around the home might help in making sure that an unsupervised doesn’t have easy access to the pool unsupervised.

Practice Pool Safety this Summer

The risk of drowning can be real to many, but practicing pool safety can save countless lives. Educating parents, children, and swimming pool owners about pool safety can decrease the number of pool accidents and drowning in Kentucky. Taking the safety pledge can help parents and adults to keep up the attention and look after their children as part of pool safety.

For children below 14 years of age, drowning can be the second highest cause of unintentional injury or death. We can reduce the number of these tragic accidents if we empower our community with knowledge and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of those around us.