Matt Harvey has a delicious looking signature burger

Matt Harvey is the New York Bureau Chief of the popular website The Players Tribune. And as such, he’s responsible for providing content … I guess. Okay, I have no idea what the job description is for a New York Bureau Chief. But I’m guessing he has to do some stuff every once in a while. So in his latest post to the Tribune, Harvey shows the world what it takes to make a good hamburger:

Two things here: First off, this post is labeled as “in partnership with Budweiser”, as there is a good amount of product placement of the adult beverage within the video. Now, Harvey doesn’t touch one of the cans. And he never says “hey, drink Budweiser!” But that’s an interesting way to get around the whole “active ballplayers can’t pitch alcohol rule.” And second, if ever Matt Harvey wants to invite scorn, then this is how to do it. Show the world that you’re having fun cooking burgers with a 4-10 record. I feel bad for Harvey, who probably shot this months ago and never intended to have it released when he was 4-10.

That said, that burger looks damn good.

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