Hakeem Olajuwon once devoured 100 Chicken McNuggets for a McDonald’s commercial

NBA Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon is known as one of the greatest players in NBA history. The league’s all-time leader in blocks, he dominated both sides of the ball and was best known for his famous “Dream Shake” that shook opponents to the core.

But, few people know that Olajuwon had another innate talent: he was a dominate Chicken McNugget eating machine.

Apparently, Olajuwon was filming a McDonald’s commercial that had the premise to “slam dunk”McNuggets into his mouth. For some reason, whether due to technical issues or the vision of the producer, the commercial required over 100 takes to shoot successfully. Normally, the take involved dunking a real McNugget and simply spitting it back out. But being the dominant force he is, Olajuwon dunked a McNugget for every take, and refused to replace them with something inedible because he liked them that much.

Hearing that a professional basketball player like Olajuwon essentially ate 100 Chicken McNuggets straight is nothing short of astounding. He was already an amazing player on the court as it was with two NBA Championships, two Finals MVPs and a host of other accolades. The fact that he put away so many pieces of fried “chicken product” adds to his greatness as a player. It is a skill that other basketball greats have not achieved (at least as far as we know). At the rate he was going, who knows how much more he could have eaten.

We weren’t able to find that particular commercial online but we did discover that Hakeem was able to spread around the endorsed eating to other fast food joints as well.



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