Vontaze Burfict gets honored for his penalty with a burger

The new craze seems to be naming food after athletes and coaches for having bad things happen for their careers. First, a Philadelphia restaurant immortalized Chip Kelly with a sandwich for getting fired. Now, Bengals LB and playoff killer Vontaze Burflict has been honored with a burger of his own. Only difference is, it’s a tongue in cheek honor as it is a Pittsburgh restaurant that bestowed it on Monday night:

Today’s special is the Burfict Burgher!!!

That way Steelers fans can eat up the dirtiest player in football.

Start with our signature gourmet Burgher, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, provolone cheese, onions sautéed in homemade Buffalo sauce, crispy onion straws and topped with a homemade jalapeño aioli!

So what have we learned:

We’ve learned that jalapeño aioli is the ingredient that defines “dirty”. I think.

We’ve learned that a burger in Pittsburgh must be spelled with an H. Burgher. As in the place that is serving this slice of heaven on a bun: Bubba’s Gourmet Burgher. Forgetting the H in “Burgher” is punishable by death in Pittsburgh … or being forced to share a hyperbaric chamber with Joey Porter for an hour.

The pic is courtesy of Bubba’s Gourmet Burgher. Don’t forget the H.

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