Real gold on a sausage? Only at the Super Bowl

There’s a football game this Sunday. You might have heard of it. It’s the National Football League’s homage to excess and bloatedness: the Super Bowl. Of course this one is special … so special that the game is using the Arabic “50” rather than the Roman Numeral “L”. It’s the golden anniversary of the big game, which has seen the halftime show grow from large paper mache mascots fighting each other to the spectacle of Coldplay that we will experience in two days.

The spectacle, of course, extends to the food items that you can get. Because why just get a sausage at the game when you can ingest one with real gold shaved on top?

“This upper-crust sausage was developed by chefs Santana Diaz and Dinari Brown. It is composed of a custom blend of 50 ingredients (there’s pork in there so this isn’t your standard Hebrew National frankfurter), served on a poppy seed bun with sautéed bell peppers and topped with — yes, that’s right — flakes of actual gold. It’s fancy.”

The good news is that it doesn’t cost a penny extra to eat the sausage with the gold as opposed to without. They’re $12 either way. The bad news is that you can only get these at the Super Bowl, which has an average ticket cost of close to $5,000. So it’s not like a gold plated sausage is going to make you break even, let alone one with gold flakes that will be covered in ketchup anyway. But if you want to tell future generations that you ate a chemical element on encased meat trimmings because it’s the Super Bowl, by all means.

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