in the second period at American Airlines Center on January 7, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

John Klingberg Has A Burger With Crunch

Okay, so that’s a bad pun. But in our efforts to bring you news about burgers named after athletes (and not just the ones who get ’em for getting fired or doing something dumb), we bring you Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg and his new burger “The Klingberger” (he really has a good name for this kind of thing), to be featured not only at Stars games, but also at Mavericks games during the month of February.

Now normally, I would dread the presence of pickles in, well … anything. But seeing that the Stars wear green as a primary color, it’s a nice touch to have it as a theme between the burger and the dill pickle flavored french fries (hence the “crunch”, get it?) Also, a bun infused with cheddar cheese? I hope all of these green jerseys that Stars fans wear are ready for the dry cleaners because there is some yellow coming.

This “Swedish Secret Sauce” intrigues me. My guess is that it’s one of two things: Russian dressing combined with mayonnaise that can be called Swedish because it’s been blessed by Peter Forsberg, or that sauce that you get drenched on the meatballs at Ikea. Look, that’s as Swedish as it gets.

Image of Klingberg getting “crunched” courtesy of Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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