NEWARK, NJ – DECEMBER 06: Kyle Palmieri #21 of the New Jersey Devils tries to knock the puck from Jaromir Jagr #68 of the Florida Panthers during an NHL hockey game at Prudential Center on December 6, 2015 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

Jaromir Jagr has a huge caffeine addiction

Remember when Jaromir Jagr charmed us all by telling us that his one vice was Diet Coke? Well good news, he kicked the habit last year for lent.

“I drank it every day, I would have five a day at least,” he said—he tried it again after Easter. He hated the taste so much that he had to mix the soda with water, and then he gave it up altogether.

Good for him. One problem though, he replaced one habit with another one. And this year he’s trying to give up coffee for lent.

“I was drinking 10 a day,” he said. “I felt awful the first few days, I felt like I had no energy at all. I was playing games I didn’t even know I played, the first few games. But then the body got used to it.”

Ten? Ten coffees a day and he hasn’t committed murder? Man, I kicked caffeine for the most part a couple of years ago and it wasn’t so bad, but I had a relative that had such a hard time kicking caffeine that this relative kicked me out of the car for making a smart ass comment. Now I made the smart ass comment hoping I’d get kicked out because this relative was a holy terror for the entire fifteen minute drive. So I wasn’t kicked out so much as I escaped. And it was all due to my relative trying to kick caffeine.

Still … ten cups of coffee a day??? Jaromir. Dude! If coffee replaced Diet Coke, I’d hate to think what the replacement is going to be. Mainlining Red Bull, perhaps?

Photo credit to Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

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