Chip Kelly Has Sandwich Named After Of Him In Honor Of Losing His Job

When athletes or sports figures have food named after them, it’s almost always due to an achievement in the sporting world. Making the majors, winning a championship, etc. Rarely does one have a sandwich named after him for losing his job. (Although that would be a great way to pick up the spirits of the normal every day schlub for losing his job: Have his normal watering hole … which he’ll be spending a lot more time now … name a sandwich after him!) Chip Kelly, former Eagles head coach and current faceless schlub on the unemployment line, has had his time in Philadelphia immortalized not with a Super Bowl trophy, but with a sandwich.

The sandwich has Oregon blackberry jam in a nod to his time as the Ducks head coach. The $1.60 price tag is based on the chef’s hopes for a 16–0 2016 campaign and the meal is purportedly three bites big, for Kelly’s three years as coach.

You can get this at a place called “PIG” in Philadelphia. I’m sure Kelly would prefer that you not get this during holiday parties.

(Photo of Chip Kelly asking for more barbecue sauce on that sandwich courtesy of Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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