Want Nine Beef Patties In One Bite? The Phillies Have You Covered

From last season’s “Choo-Mongous” sandwich in Texas to this year’s “Churro Dog” in Arizona, and everywhere in between, food options at ballparks across the country have become a game of “Can You Top This” as there is a new emphasis on the overall ballpark experience. The Phillies have taken the “Can You Top This” game quite literally as they introduced their new burger which is topped … with eight more burgers.

Oh, and cheese:

On Tuesday night, the Phillies revealed the “Wayback Triple Triple” cheeseburger available this season at Citizens Bank Park. (…) The super sandwich from the Newark, Delaware-based Wayback Burgers packs 2,200 calories — more than the daily recommended value — and 61 grams of saturated fat (if you can get the whole thing down) into one bun, nine beef burger patties and nine slices of cheese plus one slice of tomato and some lettuce.

It’s called the Triple Triple because if Ben Revere were to ever eat one of these, he will have run out his last triple. And unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a jaw crane so you can fit the whole thing in your mouth in one bite.

If being tased at a Phillies game doesn’t kill you, this burger might finish the job. But at least you’ll enjoy it a lot more than being tased.

The Phillies also introduced brisket stacks (“slow braised brisket with crispy pancetta and a fried egg”), and brought back their South Philly Dog at the team’s “What’s New At Citizens Bank Park” party. And they will also offer wine …

You know … to class it up a bit.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

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