The Washington Nationals Celebrate With Chocolate Goodness

If there were two entities that were in bad need of a renaissance, it’s the 2015 Washington Nationals, and the career of Dan Uggla. Going into Tuesday night, the Nationals … most people’s pick for 100 wins … were 7-13 while Dan Uggla … released twice last season … was hitting .135 with Washington. Tuesday night changed all that for the better for both team and player, as the Nationals came back from a 10-2 deficit to beat the Braves 13-12, thanks to Uggla’s two run triple in the seventh and three run HR in the ninth. Uggla had two more hits Wednesday as the Nationals scored 13 more runs, but is was the way the team celebrated on Tuesday which was interesting.

It isn’t just about Gatorade anymore in terms of post game celebrations. The Arizona Diamondbacks routinely dump the rest of the bubble gum bucket on that night’s hero, while the Royals used barbecue sauce to douse their players with after big wins last season. On Tuesday, the Nationals used a new food item to celebrate with … chocolate sauce:

Right out of the bottle too which, as you know, takes entirely too long to squeeze out. This tends to drag out the post game interview. Whatever works, I guess. But if this had happened during an actual game there would be a fine for pace of play.

(Uggla photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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