The Stanley Cup Is Now In Bacon Form

The Stanley Cup playoffs start on Wednesday. The Cup is the toughest trophy to win in sports, and 16 teams will prove that once again over the next two months. What of those teams that don’t get to drink out of hockey’s holy grail? Well, they could always visit Montreal and eat this …

Who else but the fine folks in Montreal would think of this? A Stanley Cup made out of bacon. And what would one drink out of this? You can go with the ranch dressing but anything except maple syrup seems pointless. But chances are you won’t be able to drink the syrup out of it without taking a big bite out of the bacony cup. Unless of course you sweeten the deal and put little bits of bacon in the maple syrup so you can drink out of it without being inconsiderate and taking a bite out of it.

By the way, if you want to visit Bar Brutus in Montreal during the playoffs, check out their menu. Any place that serves things like bacon sushi, jagerpoutine, and something called “Chevy Cheese” is definitely worth your attention. (I’m surprised a certain former Saturday Night Live star hasn’t sued yet.) Also, their entire dessert menu: donuts, s’mores and cake … all bacon flavored. There are also small bits of bacon in the pancakes. And there’s more bacon flavor in there but I can’t read it all because I barely paid attention in grade school when I took French. But the bottom line is: go to Montreal and root on Les Habs at this place.

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(Photo of Stanley Cup by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)


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