The Padres Acquire Players And Food Alike

The San Diego Padres went gonzo this past off season remaking their team. They did it in ways you never thought possible by trading for Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Craig Kimbrel, and signing Steve Shields to spruce up their franchise. It’s no different at the concession stands at Petco Park this season, as they have completely remade their menu. Now being that this is San Diego, you know they’ll be one step ahead just like A.J. Preller, and they’ll come up with things you never thought of. Like a deep fried muffin:

Muffin-related regrets are not just for breakfast anymore. For your triple-bypass pleasure, the fiendish folks at US Foods – which provides fine-dining eats for Petco’s Club 19 and the Omni Hotel Premier Club – have created the deep-fried muffin. It’s a chocolate-cola muffin! Dipped in pancake batter! And deep fried! I predict they will reduce you and your diet to deep-fried dust.

See? Who else would think of deep frying a muffin? Would you? Deep frying is usually reserved for things that are already lacking in nutritional value like Twinkies and Oreos and Snickers bars. Muffins? Only in San Diego.

The Padres also rolled out a dish called “The Jackie Chan”: which is “a spicy crab and cucumber roll topped with avocado and tuna”. It costs twenty bucks, but maybe a cut of that has to go to Chan for the use of his name? All right, maybe not.

And don’t worry, the fine folks at Petco Park didn’t leave bacon out of the party, as they have also introduced a duck and bacon sausage for $11. But the best news of all might be the inclusion of the Zebra flavored popcorn from Popcornopolis. Don’t even try to fight it.

(Padres photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

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