The Nick Saban Wedding Cake Held A Surprising Twist

When I heard that there was a wedding cake that was formed in the shape of Nick Saban carrying the crystal football riding an elephant, I was amused and terrified at the same time. Seeing the image did nothing to change either emotion:

If you are an Alabama fan, this is all kinds of awesome. If you are impartial to Alabama or college football, this looks like something you would see in a dream after smoking a Frosted Mini-Wheat or freebasing Devil Dogs all night. (I’ve done one of these things … I’m not saying which.) If you hate Alabama, then your reaction would be “Gee, I wish I could deface that cake in some way.” And that’s where the story gets grand. Because the groom in this instance was the Alabama fan … a guy named Robert Sabin. The bride? A Florida Gator fan named Amanda Perryman. And what she pulled off was … shall we say … deliciously evil:

“Rob is one of the biggest Bama fans I know. Everybody calls him ‘Roll Tide Rob,’ because he’s so crazy and rambunctious — just obsessed,” Perryman said. “He and his buddies started a tradition where they always try and one-up each other on their wedding cakes. And they’re always Alabama-themed, so I knew that was coming. ” I am a huge Florida fan and his last name is Sabin — which means my new last name is Sabin. And I just had to get him back. I contacted the bakery, and I told them, ‘I don’t care what Rob is doing with his groom’s cake, just make sure the inside of that cake is orange and blue.’ They pulled it off somehow without him having any clue.”

Perryman could have rued the day she was married … changing her last name to “Sabin”, of all things, and having to stare at a wedding cake which came straight out of a screenplay written by Phyllis from Mulga. But she turned the tables and made the inside of the cake blue and orange. Kudos to you, Amanda. Life handed you lemons and you made an Alabama cake with Gator colors inside.

I may have to root for Florida to win it all this year. Or at least to stop blocking their own offensive linemen.

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