The Culinary Skills Of Terry Rozier Are … Interesting

Celtics rookie Terry Rozier appeared on NBA TV’s “The Starters” during the NBA Summer League schedule for a chef’s segment where Rozier cooks one of his favorite sandwiches. This is fun in and of itself no matter what was in the sandwich. But the devil is in the details. And the details of this particular sandwich could have only been crafted by somebody from hell. That’s my only explanation as to why one of Terry Rozier’s favorite sandwiches is spaghetti with white sugar and ranch dressing on uncrusted white bread.

I think Guy Fieri’s job is safe for the foreseeable future.

I probably shouldn’t judge. I’ve never tried a sweet spaghetti with ranch on white. But those are three things that even with my limited knowledge of combining ingredients I would never think to put together. Pasta with sugar sounds reasonable. And bread is used to dip into red sauce all the time, so the sandwich part of it just makes it sloppier. Ranch dressing? Umm. Uhh. Yeah.

My favorite part of the video is Rozier refusing to touch sandwiches with the rest of the panel as a toast, fearing what sandwiches touched by other hands will do to his stomach.

Yeah … that’s the problem.

(Screenshot from NBA TV.)

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