Notre Dame’s Tommy Kraemer Tries To Eat A Five Pound Reuben

Izzy’s Deli in Cincinnati is offering a challenge to anyone who wants it to eat their five pound reuben sandwich. That’s five pounds of, well … let’s let Izzy’s explain:

Your impressive feast begins with a super-sized potato pancake (fresh shredded Idaho potatoes mixed with onions and special seasonings and fried to a perfect golden brown). Then we add over 1 lb. of Izzy’s Famous Corned Beef, which starts with USDA Choice brisket and a special blend of seasonings, cooked fresh every day and sliced to order.

Next we add a colossal pile of fresh, crisp sauerkraut, gouged with Izzy’s special dressing. Your sandwich is then smothered with imported Swiss cheese. Finally, this beast of a sandwich is assembled on a gigantic specialty baked poppy seed oval loaf. We finish the ginormous sandwich with a jumbo order of Izzy’s own kosher sliced pickles on the side.

Now you are surely asking yourself which type of person would you pool from to try this? Well think a little bit of crazy and a lot of large, and you have offensive linemen. So no surprise that Notre Dame recruit Tommy Kraemer from Cincinnati would be just the man for the job. He’s described as “6-foot-6 and 305 pounds … before a buffet lunch.” I would hate to find out how much he weighs after attacking this beast:

When I saw this sandwich, I knew the bread was going to be the sticking point. It’s way too many carbs, and forget trying to eat it like a sandwich, to eat that bun alone requires a detachable jaw. It almost isn’t fair to ask somebody to eat the innards of the sandwich … and the Flintstones sized piece of bread. But great try by the Irish offensive lineman.

I just hope for his sake that he paid for it.

Bleacher Report/USA Today

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