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Note To Frank Kaminsky: Barbecue Is So Much More Than Just A Sauce

Frank Kaminsky is your newest Charlotte Hornet. The man from Chicago who played his college ball in Madison, Wisconsin will now make his home in the area that loves one thing more than its basketball, and that’s its barbecue. So it’s important not to offend the senses of the people of North Carolina when you talk about barbecue. And remember Frank, first impressions are everything.

Oh jee… no. NO! Bad power forward. BAD!

Look, you never … ever … say that barbecue is a sauce like it’s a choice of what to dip your Chicken McNuggets in at McDonald’s. It’s one thing to talk like that to simple folk like me. But you’re talking to the good people of North Carolina who have forgotten more about barbecue than you or I know. Here’s a tip: Head to Lexington, NC for the annual Barbecue Festival on October 24th. They will teach you all you need to know about barbecue. Remember, The western part of the state uses the shoulder for its pulled pork with a vinegar based sauce with tomato. While the eastern part of the state uses the “whole hog” with a thin sauce. Do not … I repeat, DO NOT get the two confused or you’re going to find yourself booed, on the bench, or in a jail cell. This is serious business.

And don’t ever say that Kansas City Barbecue is better than Carolina BBQ.  You’re on your own at that point.

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