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Joe Maddon Creates A Culinary Delight

Joe Maddon has a lot of work to do. He has to turn around a team that has a bunch of new players, playing in a ballpark in the middle of renovations, and he has to win a title for a team that hasn’t won one since 1908. No pressure, right? Well even though that alone can take up a man’s time, Maddon still found some spare moments to design a sandwich to be sold at Wrigley Field this season:

The one sandwich likely to garner the most attention, at least for sentimental reasons, is the Joe Maddon Italian Hoagie. The endorsement by the Cubs manager goes beyond surface level. Maddon’s family runs a diner in Pennsylvania called Third Base Luncheonette, where they serves up a hoagie (that’s a sub sandwich, non-East Coasters) with Genoa salami, ham and white American cheese. The sandwich was brought over to Wrigley Field this year, a recipe Maddon himself consulted to get right.

“We did some taste testings. We adjusted it a bit,” Maddon said. “I think this is really, really good. I think the fans will dig them.”

Now that is a manager that has his hands in everything. He’s always been true renaissance … bringing zoo animals into the clubhouse and creating themed wardrobe roadtrips, so this shouldn’t surprise you. But the obvious end to all of this is that the fans will enjoy these sandwiches a lot more when washed down with a drink called “victory”. And lots of them. (Though Wrigley fans might settle for a shot and a beer … you know, the Hazelton way.)

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