ST. PETERSBURG, FL – JULY 28: Pitcher David Price #14 of the Detroit Tigers reacts on the field after allowing a two-run home run by Curt Casali #19 of the Tampa Bay Rays during the fourth inning of a game on July 28, 2015 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

How Do You Cheer Up David Price? Popcorn, Of Course …

David Price has had a difficult week. He was traded from the Tigers to the Toronto Blue Jays, and it’s always an interesting transition making your way in not only a new city, but a new country. Price asked his new employer for something to make his transition easier …

Well after a day in which he blew out a tire and couldn’t get to the ballpark in time, his new employer knew just how to cheer him up:

Good thing the Blue Jays didn’t hold his car troubles against him. Also, that is a lot of popcorn. A LOT of popcorn. What does one do with all that popcorn? Well if you’re Price, you offer some to Steph Curry in exchange for a layup contest, of course.

You mean, this guy?

I wouldn’t offer up those jellybeans, David. Just a thought.

(Price makes his debut for the Jays on Monday. We’ll see if the popcorn helps.)

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Photo courtesy Brian Blanco/Getty Images

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