Get Ready For The Taco Cannon

Have you ever wondered if there was a new and dangerous way to serve tacos at a sporting event? Yeah, me neither. But wonder no more, because something extremely fun with just a hint of danger is coming to a sporting event near you … if you’re in Omaha. That’s right. Omaha’s Voodoo Taco wants you to get ready for the Taco Cannon, coming to UNO hockey games next season:

That’s right … when shooting hot dogs at top speeds just isn’t enough.

“Someone will take a taco to the face.” Sounds like a Michael Bay movie tagline.

Here’s video of this taco cannon in action from KETV in Omaha:

My favorite part is when the guy in the video … Eric Newton who owns Voodoo Taco … says “I wouldn’t say it would be as ‘restrauant quality’ when it gets to ’em, but it’s edible.” Even better when it goes straight down your throat right from the cannon. Because hey … someone will take a taco to the face. Now if this place had any guts at all they’d shoot hard shell tacos. With sour cream and guacamole. And slathered in hot sauce. But … lawsuits. I guess.

KETV and Puck Daddy … Image via Voodoo Taco

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