SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JULY 08: Seagulls fly over the field as George Kontos #70 of the San Francisco Giants pitches against the New York Mets in the 15th inning at AT&T Park on July 8, 2013 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Chicken Fingers Are Falling From The Sky!

The seagulls at AT&T Park expect a baseball game to be over in a certain time window. If it isn’t, they give zero flying leaps about your ballgame. They will come for their leftovers when they feel like it. They made their almost nightly appearance in extra innings of Thursday’s Giants’ game against Arizona, and made their presence felt. Perhaps feeling threatened by baseballs flying their way, or perhaps they wanted to send a message to wrap this game up so that they can get the rest of the leftovers, one enterprising seagull sent a very clear message in the 12th inning, via a flying chicken finger:

Well, it must have worked, because the Giants did not tie the game in the 12th (as they did in the 9th and 10th to make the seagulls angry) and sent everyone home so that the seagulls can enjoy the rest of the discarded chicken fingers for the night. Lucky for Diamondbacks pitcher Randall Delgado, the flying chicken finger didn’t fall in his line of sight … or on his head. It’s distracting enough to pitch against Buster Posey in extra innings. Now he has to deal with falling food sent hurdling towards earth by evil genius seagulls.

(Old file photo of evil genius seagulls at AT&T Park from Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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