Asheville Tourists Get In On The Waffle Cone Game

We like to split baseball years into eras. Deadball Era, Steroid Era, Era of the Pitcher, so on and so forth. I think that we are entering an era of food choices at ballparks, and it’s a good one. Call it … “The Chicken in a Waffle Cone Era”. And it’s going to be influential in our hearts, minds, and stomachs. The Houston Astros started it this season, and now we’re seeing it trickle down to the minor leagues as the Asheville Tourists are bringing it to McCormick Stadium this season, thus constituting this as an actual era:

 … one of the ballpark’s novel offerings on this year’s menu: a dish that reads like a mash-up of chicken and waffles and poutine — fried chicken and french fries in a waffle cone, smothered with a choice of maple syrup or nacho cheese.

I like this era. I hope it doesn’t end. And please pour all the maple syrup into my cone, including the syrup that the guy in front of me turned down. Speaking of Canada, why stop there? Why not actual poutine with chicken in a waffle cone? Your move, Blue Jays.

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